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Provision of machining services for the production of medium-sized series



Metalotrofa was founded in 1994, initially oriented towards the provision of industrial maintenance services, having subsequently specialized in the machining activity for which it has been solidifying its position in the market.

This specialization led Metalotrofa to have a portfolio of customers in the area of technical foundry parts, thus increasing the demand for the quality of the service provided.

We aim to be a reference company in the provision of machining services oriented towards the production of medium-sized series, seeking intervention with a wider market coverage through specialisation in technical parts. We also offer some welding services to meet the demands of our customers.

We have accompanied the technological evolution of recent years, having machinery and equipment available to be able to better serve the client with the quality, speed and versatility that the market demands.

Our dimension

Excellent geographical position

We are located in Ribeirão, city of Vila Nova de Famalicão, north of Portugal between Porto and Braga, in an area served by a good transport network.

  • Total Area – 5000 m2
  • Covered Area – 2500 m2

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Our services

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Support in design and development

to meet customer expectations

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Machined Pieces

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Mechanowelded construction

Our technology

Production Equipment

Metalotrofa has followed all the technological evolution of the last years, having machines and equipment to be able to serve better our customer with the quality that the market demands.

Horizontal machining center CNC
  • CMH Mitsui Seiki HS5A / 2 Tables 630 x 630 / Course 850x700x550
  • CMH MAZAK NEXUS 5000-II / 2 Tables 500 x 500 / Course 730x730x740
  • CMH MAZAK NEXUS 6000-II / 2 Tables 500 x 500 / Course 900x900x900
  • CMH MAZAK FH-4800 / 2 Tables 450 x 400 / Course 560x610x560
  • CMH OKK HM630 / 2 Tables 630 x 630 / Course 1050x900x900
  • CMH Shibaura BMC1000 / 2 Tables 1000x1000 / Course 1600x1250x1200
Vertical machining center CNC
  • CMV OKUMA MC-5VE / Course 700 x 700 x 1200
  • CMV Doosan DNM 650 / Course 1270 x 650 x 600
  • CMV Bridgeport VMC 760 / Course 600 x 500 x 800
  • CMV Bridgeport VMC 1000 / Course 600 x 500 x 1000
  • CMV MATSURA VX-1000 / Course 1000 x 600 x 600
Vertical lathe CNC
  • Vertical Lathe Doosan V 850 Max. Ø1060x700
Horizontal lathe CNC
  • Lathe MAZAK QTN30 Max. Ø500x1000
  • Lathe MAZAK QT 250 Max. Ø220x500
  • Lathe SMEC SL2500M Max. Ø250x500
  • Lathe OKUMA LB300 Max. Ø300x500
  • Lathe OKUMA Lb25 Max. Ø600x680
  • Lathe Hwacheon Hi-Eco 31A Max. Ø500x800
  • Praxair Prosel 500 Synergic
  • Tetrix 351 AC/DC Synergic FW
  • Phoenix 405 Progress puls MM TDM
Conventional equipment cnc
  • Universal milling machine U3 / Course 1100 x 370 x 300
  • Universal milling machine / Course 600 x 270 x 300
  • Conventional milling machine BT-10A / Course 1480 x 1250 x 1000
  • Lathe Mecânico / Max. Ø350x2500
  • Lathe Mecânico / Max. Ø300x1500
  • Lathe Mecânico / Max. Ø500x1500
  • Drilling machine / Drill bit Máx. Ø45
  • Press / 60 Tons
  • Fillings / Course 600mm
  • Slotter Machine / Course 250mm
Auxiliary Equipment
  • 1 Overhead Crane 10 Tons
  • 2 Overhead Crane 5 Tons
  • 1 Overhead Crane 4 Tons
  • 1 Overhead Crane 3 Tons
  • 1 Forklift
We are specialized in different areas

Activity Sectors

Our position in the market

Strategic positioning

Tribute to our founder

At the forefront

These principles were established at the company's roots by the founder José Rodrigues Pinheiro and METALOTROFA will always seek to be a faithful partner of our customers.

Our founder
Mr. José Rodrigues Pinheiro
The future we want

Our ambitions

Belonging to markets that make us stand out
Evolve through technological and productive means
Give the maximum conditions to our entire team